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The way we communicate virtually has been evolving rapidly over the last 5 years. Many consumers demand an omni-channel experience. Some prefer voice, others messaging. Others prefer to receive text messages and some prefer all 3 ways of communicating during their customer experience. Organizations can now accommodate all generations and preferences with cost effective solutions. Upgrade your platform to UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service), VoIP or CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service), or both.

In today’s increasingly dispersed workforce team members require reliable, secure and flexible platforms which allow them to work from anywhere, at anytime.

FCX is able to provide demonstrable results, having been active in the VoIP space since 2005.

Which cloud communication platform is the best fit for you? Only after a discussion about your unique business needs and live demos of various platforms the best choice for you may become apparent.

Because decisions around technological transformation requires clarity, FCX offers on-site and remote demos, references upon request and Proof of Concept projects for qualifying organizations.  
To ensure implementation success and ease of transition, we perform a truck roll to our client site(s) and/or work with their IT Team to ensure a smooth roll-out and transition onto the new platform. We have years of experience in training remotely or on-site, ensuring a high and fast adoption rate of the new technology.

We will guide you through one or more of the following collaboration and communication solutions:

Collaborate through Video Meeting, SMS/MMS, Messaging and Chat, Content Sharing and Content Storage.

Integration of collaboration platform with Cloud based Telecom service with all IP features such as auto attendant, call queues, voicemail to e-mail, find-me-follow-me, bulk texting and cellphone apps.

FCX works with various reputable and reliable vendors are bringing the right collaboration platforms to businesses.

Apps are easy to use, so staff can focus on their core tasks rather than on getting used to or the management of the tech they are using.

Best of both worlds. On premise reliability combined with cloud security.

Many businesses rely upon outsourced, fully functional Contact Centers that provide both voice call and data-centric customer communications services. Now we are seeing cloud providers offering cloud-based contact center services hosted on their internet server that are accessible anywhere via the internet. We can guide you through this – often confusing – maze of technology, to ensure you optimize your customer communications.

Over the last year, events have gone virtual. There are various platforms event organizers can choose from which ensure virtual meetings are effective, impactful and a breeze to use.

The same goes for  international conference calls and video meetings.

Appointment setting, appointment reminder text service, secure video meetings – all of this can now be done on one single platform.

Having been active as telecom, cloud and IT consultants since 2003, we have learnt how to recommend, implement and support telehealth solutions in conjunction with the chosen vendor of our clients. In telehealth its important patients can continue to reach their physician’s office no matter staff allocation or on-site presence, receive the care they deserve all while protecting their sensitive patient data.

Major telecom providers worldwide are fast phasing out the old PSTN functionality in favor of the more modern and flexible SIP Trunks, with the benefits of lower monthly Line & DID Rental, lower call charges and better customer service. Also, SIP Trunks are not location-based, so numbers do not need to change when moving offices, thus providing customer communication continuity. We can help you through the phone system upgrade that will be inevitable for all businesses.

Take your Customer Relationship Management to new, unsurpassed levels through the new gold standard for success – an Omni Channel Communications strategy covering physical location, e-commerce, mobile application, and social media channels. Deliver a fully-integrated seamless brand experience for your customers as content is optimized for each channel and device. We will make this happen for you!


See what our customers are saying…

I have worked with Taz and the team at Firstlight Cloud Xchange since 2004. From the beginning of our engagement, both of our companies have grown together. Firstlight was integral part of building our voice and data network. The Cloud based services recommended by FCX proved to be more reliable and efficient than our previous setup. FCX installed and currently manages our telecom and network services. I am happy to say that we are very satisfied with their level of service and performance.


    LSNYC is a large law firm with 600 lawyers in several locations across the five boroughs of New York City. Our network requirements are pretty complicated and elaborate – to say the least. We leveraged Firstlight Cloud Xchange’s expertise and their existing relationship with some of the major providers in the marketplace. FCX successfully deployed Cloud services that consolidated all our network services throughout all our locations on one platform with better uptime and lower cost. We are very happy with what FCX has done for LSNYC.



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