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The prevailing way healthcare organizations are structured is complex. Due to increased regulatory requirements, diverse insurance reimbursement models, divergent care delivery models and large networks of patients, it can be hard to make operations run smoothly.

In 2022, in a post pandemic world in addition to these aforementioned challenges, cyber security threats are on the rise.

Cloud technologies can support your Medical Organization in storing, accessing and distributing patient data securely, all while ensuring  follow up and communication increases by at lease 20%

HIPPA, PIPEDA and many other forms of compliance are at the forefront of the minds of the technology partner FCX recommends. Upon implementing any UCaaS Solution we ensure a Disaster Recovery Plan is in place – when the pandemic broke out on 2020 , all of our clients in the healthcare industry were able to go remote immediately. This ensured patients could continue to reach their care givers and physicians despite the unsure times.
Our commitment is to you. By taking the time to fully understand how you define success, we tailor and implement the right Cloud solutions for your firm. 

Ensuring patients are aware of and keep their appointments, more personalized care based upon communication preferences, increase of staff count in anticipation of visitors spikes are all results of a well implemented cloud strategy. Lower cyber security insurance premiums based upon a recent security assessment can also be a benefit. As a result, UCaaS solutions are used every day in healthcare organizations throughout the New York Tri-State area and the nation.

FCX maintains certification and partnership with the top carriers, vendors and partners in today’s marketplace – which enables us to meet our obligation and commitment to our customers. With more than 100 carriers in our portfolio – FCX can design and implement a Cloud based infrastructure that meets your demand and enhances your business – without any bias towards any particular vendor. Once in service, our dedicated support staff works around the clock to ensure your systems are always up and running optimally.

Thrive, a company specialized in cyber security and cloud implementation has published a case study summarizing how they ensured The Fertility Clinic completed a core part of their Digital Transformation.


A Selection of Technologies that can Enhance the Efficiency
Within Your Practice or Organization:
Medical assistant

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