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Taslim “Taz” Khan

Founding Partner & CEO

He is a founding partner and the CEO of Firstlight Cloud Xchange. Taz is a veteran in the Telecom industry dating back to 1998, right after deregulation. After a brief but successful stint in Corporate America, Taz became a Channel Partner and started Firstlight Management Corporation in 2003. Since inception, Firstlight has engaged with over 500 businesses and helped many customers successfully transition over to the Cloud platform. Taz brings invaluable expertise and guidance to businesses all size when it comes to the latest technological innovation in the Cloud industry.

Taz attended Utah State University. He also successfully completed many Cloud Certification and Trainings offered in the industry. In his spare time, Taz keeps physically active and enjoys a good book while listening to a classic vinyl.

Iris Lentjes

Founding Partner & VP of Customer Care & Operations

She is responsible for delivering a smooth Cloud transition and satisfactory customer experience – drawing from her expertise that span nearly two decades in the Telecom and Cloud industry. Aside from customer engagement, Iris is also responsible for the day to day operation of the FCX staff and business development. She regularly attends national training sessions to showcase and implement new back office management tools such as CRM, Ticketing and Project Management platforms. A strong believer in automation – Iris regularly develops internal process and protocols that guarantee that all customer issues during implementation and after are captured and resolved. Her industry experience plays a crucial role in guiding clients through the process of adoption of new and more advanced Cloud based solutions. Iris is a Dutch native who immigrated to the US in 1999 and has a bachelor degree in Hotel Management of the Hogelschool Zuyd in Maastricht The Netherlands.

Jennifer Moreira

Sales Support Specialist

She comes from a medical background but has transitioned to telecom and currently works with FirstLight as a Sales Support Specialist. Jennifer believes she can provide full sales support before, during and after the sales process. She has successfully provided administrative support to the sales team within the organization as well as monitoring sales and recording data. Jennifer has helped secure and assist in multiple client meetings, phone calls and follow-ups. She is trained and fully qualified in all aspects of The Cloud Services University. This includes multiple certifications such as UCaas, CCaas, Network and Security and many more. Jennifer also likes to be known as a traveling saleswoman because she enjoys the trade of the job.

Peter Vukman

Tech Support & Customer Care Manager

He is a hospitality worker-turned-Tech Support & Customer Care Manager. Peter enjoys creating and fostering relationships as well as taking care of the client’s technical needs. When Peter begins with a new client, they gain a teammate who likes to journey with them in their current and future Cloud Communication endeavors. His extensive customer care experience and newfound technical knowledge allows him to speak the language of technology to all levels of the organization in order to ensure success in project implementation. Peter holds several IT certificates such as CompTIA -A+; -Network + & -Security +. He also is a RingCentral Communications Professional (RCCP) & Star2Star Communications Certified Installer. When he isn’t working, you’ll find Peter in nature on foot or on his mountain bike.

Ann Ingram

Business Development Specialist

She comes to FCX with a varied and interesting career background.  Ann’s role at Firstlight Cloud Xchange, is as a Business Development Specialist.  She has also worked in the real estate field.  Ann’s longest career background was in the legal sector at the prestigious firm of White & Case, where she worked as assistant to many of New York’s top attorneys.  After 25 solid years of arduous daily pressure working for attorneys, Ann knew it was time to move on, and chose to go into early retirement. Next, Ann decided to try her hand in the entertainment business.  Although she did mostly background work and work on independent films, Ann was finally playing and having fun.  Ann’s specialty was in the area of improvisational acting.  Another change – Ann joined the United States Army, where she worked for as company assistant to the Battalion Commander in Karlsruhe Germany.  

Ann has a master’s degree in Psychology / Business.  Oh yes and let me not forget to mention that on the shooting range in the Army, Ann was awarded a certificate for being a Sharpshooter.  This girl has been around the block.


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