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Your Trusted Partner Through Your Digital Transformation and Beyond.

Firstlight Cloud Xchange is a communications technology service provider
specializing in Cloud Consulting, IT Security & IoT Consulting

For over 20 years FCX has been a leader in guiding businesses through their technology journey and ensured our clientele has been supported in selecting the best suitable technology for their business as well as fully managed onboarding and implementation of that technology.

Your Success is Our Success.

Our commitment is to you. By taking the time to fully understand how you define success, we tailor and implement the right solution for your business. 

The race to the Cloud from On-premise services brings tremendous advantages as well as many challenges. FCX brings the expertise, knowledge, strategic partnership and the manpower to seamlessly migrate your business to the Cloud. Today, we continue to design, implement and manage the most reliable services that focus on efficiency, collaboration, security and fail-safe reliability. Our solutions are used every day in food wholesale distribution, legal, health care, commercial enterprises, social services as well as any organization that requires the utmost quality and performance from their communications and security infrastructure.

FCX maintains certification and partnership with the top carriers, vendors and partners in today’s marketplace – which enables us to meet our obligation and commitment to our customers. With more than 100 carriers in our portfolio – FCX can design and implement a Cloud based infrastructure that meets your demand and enhances your business – without any bias towards any particular vendor. Once in service, our dedicated support staff works around the clock to ensure your systems are always up and running optimally.

Our History

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