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Keeping a network infrastructure at a high-performing level requires proper selection and implementation of your connectivity service. FCX knows this as we have been active in this space for over 15+ years and have worked with all major ISPs and Network Services Providers in the industry.

What types of bandwidth and network services are available at your sites? Choice and insight matter, and so does budget conscious decision making. Performance, reliability and technological features are all important factors. FCX is well informed about all of these details.

Needs differs for each organization at different times, so a periodic assessment and evaluation of WAN assets is often helpful. To ensure business success, reviewing back-up infrastructure options and creating a reliable network for remote workers need to be factored in.

Every WAN assessment project is unique and we bring the experience to ensure each one is fruitful.


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Ways we have helped clients…

Along with regular internet circuits such as cable/coax, fiber and ethernet, FCX can also deploy completely private and secured internet circuits that meet the highest security standards. These “on-net” circuits provide a secured connection between your business and the data center, thus bypassing public internet. For sectors such as Financial and Health Care – security is mandatory and required by the government.

FCX can deliver internet circuits that meet the most stringent security and privacy requirements, installed and managed at your premises, to provide total reliability and peace of mind.

A Point-to-Point Circuit (PTP) is one of the simplest forms of network circuitry, creating a direct link between two defined locations by using a wireless radio link. It is primarily set for one customer, and normally there is a fixed monthly rate charged. We will advise on which provider offers the best options for your business requirements.

“Software-defined networking in a wide area network” (SD-WAN) allows organizations to build higher performance networks by using lower-cost and commercially available internet access. This can then partially or wholly replace legacy technologies such as MPLS.

While being slowly replaced by SD-WAN, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) remains a reliable routing technique independent of Communication protocols that is designed to speed up and shape traffic flows across enterprise-wide areas and service provider networks.

It is a more efficient alternative to traditional IP routing, and while router hardware has improved significantly since MPLS was first developed, it remains important and popular due to various benefits, particularly security, flexibility and traffic engineering.

Wavelength is a high-bandwidth connectivity solution designed for low latency and jitter. It works as a non-shared, point-to-point circuit for connecting locations, which makes it a secure solution. Traffic passes seamlessly across the network, separated from other data streams and is encapsulated inside a wavelength frequency. Wavelength is designed to carry more bandwidth than an average internet circuit would . Despite these productivity supporting features, wavelength remains cost effective. This is due to the fact that it cancels both the need to add optronics and a private network operation center.

No land based internet circuit available? No problem. FCX works with various providers who bypass all networks and provide data transmission via a Fixed Wireless circuit (WiMax).

While robust enough to serve as a primary data circuit as data is transmitted over microwave, WiMax is also the go-to solution for connectivity needs during events. Various WiMax providers offer non-subscription based temporary event services. In addition, this type of connectivity can also be used at construction site.

On the other hand, satellite services are available for areas which are remote or can serve as a fail-over option alike.

Mobile solutions comprise of corporate packages for Cellular Services and smartphones. FCX offers consultation and migration support for all major US based brands.

Besides this, 4G/5G LTE is a modern solution for kiosk connectivity, cost effective back-up and replacement of legacy POTS lines for alarm services.

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See what our customers are saying…

Firstlight Cloud Xchange manages our phone system. We Have been working with them for the last 10 years. They always deliver on their service and price is on point.


    I first started working with Firstlight Cloud Xchange back in 2003 when I was an employee at another company. Since then, I have opened my own company and they have provided communication services to my organization at multiple locations. Our recent migration to the Cloud for all our services had been completely seamless. The installation was on time and the ongoing management provided by Firstlight helps OSG meet our daily needs and grow our business.


      I work closely with Firstlight Cloud Xchange as the IT Manager of BDS and can say with confidence that it is and has been a great working and learning experience. As a customer and not an industry insider, it is not possible for us to know which carrier is telling the truth or how reliable their product really is. This is where Taslim’s expertise comes very handy. FCX always implements the service and the carrier that can best deliver what BDS needs without a bias. Paired with outstanding customer service from the rest of the FCX team that, in my opinion is unparalleled – making them one of the most reliable, understanding and trustworthy vendors I have worked with so far. Thank you – Firstlight!


        I have worked with Taz and the team at Firstlight Cloud Xchange since 2004. From the beginning of our engagement, both of our companies have grown together. Firstlight was integral part of building our voice and data network. The Cloud based services recommended by FCX proved to be more reliable and efficient than our previous setup. FCX installed and currently manages our telecom and network services. I am happy to say that we are very satisfied with their level of service and performance.


          LSNYC is a large law firm with 600 lawyers in several locations across the five boroughs of New York City. Our network requirements are pretty complicated and elaborate – to say the least. We leveraged Firstlight Cloud Xchange’s expertise and their existing relationship with some of the major providers in the marketplace. FCX successfully deployed Cloud services that consolidated all our network services throughout all our locations on one platform with better uptime and lower cost. We are very happy with what FCX has done for LSNYC.


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