Managed Cloud Solutions for CTOs and Business Owners

Invest in the right technology – Grow Your Business.

Digital Transformation is here to stay. Work with the right partner to select and implement cutting edge network services, software integration, hardware and collaboration platforms to keep your technology stack nimble and cost effective.

We identify the needs of your organization and work with the existing technologies that work well for you. After we present a plan, we will support you from A to Z with the implementation of new technologies that will propel your business forward.

Certified Cloud Collaboration Platform & VoIP Integrator

Change to a platform which combines chat/call/email/social media onto 1 single pane of glass.

Hosting a virtual event? Choose the most suitable event platform.

Wondering about Telehealth solutions?

Cloud Consulting Services

Make use of the latest innovations. Improve your business’ IT systems by leveraging cloud-based services.

Strategically plan your next cloud initiative through discussion, mapping and by designing a robust implementation program.

Cyber Security & Business Continuity

Enjoy complete confidence in your cloud computing, with centralized security, reduced costs, reduced administration and total reliability to protect your customers’ Information. Protect your assets – Reduce your liability – Protect your business.


Network Services & Mobile

Only the most reliable internet access providers and network services platforms should be considered. FCX has thoroughly vetted over 50 internet and network services providers.

5G is here now – invest in mobile solutions of the future.

Our Solutions

After human resource, technology is your most powerful business tool. FCX is your Trusted Partner in transitioning to The Cloud with solutions tailored exactly to your needs.

Our Difference

White Glove Service
We identify appropriate solutions and the right partners; thoroughly assess on-site network & LAN; carry out full training; provide real time customer care / technical support.

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction
We focus entirely on what is in your best interest, not what makes the most profit. We work with many vendors in the industry to ensure you receive the best possible offer and service.

20+ Years Experience
For over 2 decades, we have been successfully helping small and medium sized businesses solve their Telecom and IT challenges, guiding them on their journey to The Cloud, and aligning solutions with their business objectives.

Unmatched Flexibility
We recognize that no two businesses are the same, no requirements identical and we pride ourselves on delivering custom-built solutions that will deliver your IT objectives on time, and within budget.

Talk to a Customer
Repeat and referral business has been a great driver of our success to date and we are gratified by the support we have received from our clients. Feel free to talk to them about our performance capabilities.

Why Work with Us

Watch this short video to learn more about FCX’ core competencies.


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Providers: Please note that Firstlight Cloud Xchange only works
through Master Agencies.

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